Occasions bénévolat

Finding the volunteer opportunity that is right for you

Volunteering is a selfless activity that people perform in an organized manner at a non-profit agency that relies on volunteers.

As a volunteer, you are expected to perform your task responsibly. Choosing the opportunity that meets your interests, aptitudes and availabilities is fundamental.

To help you learn more about volunteering in Canada and make informed choices, Accès Bénévolat provides future volunteers with a 2-hour basic training (only given in French).

Then, a personalized referral meeting will help you find the volunteer opportunity in Montreal that is right for you. A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your interests, expectations and aptitudes before referring you to a community agency. Many volunteers discover new interests!

Our services to volunteers

  • Basic training on volunteering in Canada.
  • Personalized referral meeting.
  • Referral to the agency that best corresponds to your interests, expectations and aptitudes.
  • Follow-up on your volunteer experience.
  • If necessary, referral to another volunteer opportunity.

The different kinds of volunteer opportunities available to you

  • Regular volunteer activities that call for your ongoing involvement, e.g. facilitating activities, day care, being paired with clients, meals-on-wheels.
  • Accompanying seniors and low-income adults in loss of autonomy to medical appointments (with or without automobile).
  • Occasional activities at special events, e.g. welcoming participants at a social event or vaccination clinic, helping out with mailings, participating in face painting events for kids, serving meals at a benefit supper.
  • Holiday Season and New Year activities (from November to January), e.g. putting up Christmas decorations and trees, serving meals, making friendly visits.

A thousand and one reasons to volunteer

  • Acquire work experience and knowledge
  • Contribute to a cause that I care about
  • Get to know my new city or community
  • Have fun
  • Adopt a new lifestyle and develop new values
  • Help to build a better society
  • Mix with children, teenagers, adults or seniors
  • Discover my strengths and build self-esteem
  • Further my values and ideals
  • Remain active
  • Expand my social network
  • Give back some of what I have received
  • Make my semi-retirement or retirement more meaningful
  • Make a difference in people’s lives
  • Familiarize myself with Quebec culture
  • Feel useful
  • Share my skills and my passions
  • Participate in the community life of my neighbourhood
  • Fulfill a dream or a goal
  • Take up a new challenge
  • Meet people
  • Rebuild my self-confidence
  • Validate my choice of a field of study or career.

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English volunteers needed

  • Au bas de l'échelle
  • Canadian Association for Familial Ataxias/ Association canadiennes des ataxies familiales
  • Junior Achievement/Les jeunes entreprises du Québec
  • Parrainage civique Montréal
  • The Salvation Army/Armée du salut