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Whether you are interested in doing volunteer work with children, teenagers, adults or seniors, there is a place for you!
We invite you : 
A guide to successful volunteering

Once you have contacted us, you will be invited to attend a 2-hour basic training about volunteering in Canada. This will be the occasion for you to learn more about volunteering and to make informed choices.

Please note that the training is only available in French. Contact us if you don’t speak French.

Then, you will be ready for a referral meeting with a member of our team. You will tell us about your interests, expectations and aptitudes. We will give you information on our member agencies and offer you volunteer opportunities that match your profile.

Subsequently, you will be recommended to a community agency that is searching for a volunteer to perform a task corresponding to your expectations and aptitudes.

Once you have begun volunteering at the agency, our team will remain available to listen to your concerns and offer support at all times. We will contact you to ask if you are enjoying your volunteer experience, and whether you wish to continue volunteering in that agency or want to consider an alternative.

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