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Find a volunteer in East End Montreal today !

To access our free services, just register your agency as a member, filling the membership form below. 

As a member agency, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  • The privilege of making an unlimited number of requests for us to recruit, select and refer volunteers to your agency. We will select with utmost care the very best volunteers to meet your needs.
  • The option of requesting volunteers and updating your file online, in the member zone.
  • We will post on our website a description of your agency with a link to your website, a list of your volunteer vacancies, and information on your upcoming events.
  • We will offer you counselling on issues related to volunteer management.

In 2001 Accès Bénévolat adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, which establishes values, guiding principles and standards of practice for volunteers in non-profit organizations. Among other things, the Code strongly recommends that non-profit organizations screen potential volunteers to ensure the safety and security of their staff and clients. In some cases, a police records check is required. To learn more about screening procedures, visit the website of Volunteer Canada.

The Code also encourages non-profit organizations to recognize the value of volunteer involvement and to ensure that all volunteers are welcomed and treated with respect and dignity. Accès Bénévolat expects its member agencies to comply with the Code.


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Une invitation de la CDC de Rosemont le 20 octobre prochain !

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pour favoriser l’accès à la justice 2018-2019

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La Ville se dotera d'une Politique de reconnaissance et de soutien

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La Marche Centraide aux 1000 Parapluies

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